Monster Hunter Rise Beginner’s Guide: Tips and tricks for the hunt

Monster Hunter Rise Buddy Plaza

Monster Hunter Rise is finally here, and to help you get settled in Kamura Village, we have prepared a beginner’s guide. The Monster Hunter series is notoriously overwhelming, especially during the opening moments. Be sure to check out our review of the game, where we share our thoughts on Capcom’s latest monster-slaying romp, if you aren’t already sold on it. Without further ado, let’s get into this Monster Hunter Rise beginner’s guide.

Training area and mastering weapon types

Monster Hunter Rise Training Area

The first thing you will want to do upon starting the game is experiment with the game’s 14 unique weapon types. There is a training area located in the Buddy Plaza, with quick access to the Item Box, allowing you to swap out gear. I personally recommend choosing at least two or three weapons to focus on, as each weapon provides a distinct play style. If you want to know more about each weapon, we also have a weapons guide that provides all the information you need. There are some training quests available as well, which will instruct you on how to perform basic tasks.

Eat Bunny Dango before setting out on a hunt!

MH Rise Bunny Dango

Right next to the gathering hub is none other than Yomogi, a young girl who runs a canteen alongside her Palico pals. Just like in previous MH games, you will want to pay her a visit before every hunt. Instead of more traditional food, she offers something called Bunny Dango. The player can select a variety of different combinations, with each one having the chance to add unique status effects. Bunny Dango will also increase your stamina and HP by varying amounts depending on the combination you chose. If you are in the middle of a multiplayer session, there is also a canteen inside the Gathering Hub for easier access.

Understanding quest types

In Monster Hunter Rise, there are a variety of quest types. It can be overwhelming to decide what to focus on, but advancing the main story is probably the best bet. There are four main quest types that you will run into: Village Quests, Hub Quests, Rampage, and Arena Quests. Village Quests are the key to unlocking more features in Kamura Village and progressing through the game’s story. Hub Quests determine your overall Hunter Rank (HR) for multiplayer. Speaking to Utsushi in the Gathering Hub will also allow you to undertake Arena Quests, which, as the name implies, sends you into an arena against a variety of monsters.

MH Rise Quests

Rampage Quests are new to Monster Hunter Rise and see you defending Kamura Village from a variety of monsters. They are intense, high-action battles that throw you into a hectic tower defense kind of mode. You will be placing ballistas, cannons, and traps to stop hordes of enemies from infiltrating your home.

Pick up everything while out in the field

MH rise gathering

When exploring an environment, you will want to pick up everything, and by everything – I mean everything! Most of your time will be spent grinding for materials to upgrade your arsenal with better armor and weapons. Some materials can only be found by collecting them in places such as Mining Outcrops and Bone Piles. Collecting resources such as Herbs is also recommended, as they allow you to create Potions to heal your character. Open up the detailed map by holding the – (Minus) button, or hold L to see the locations of resources.

Buddies are your best friends!

Monster Hunter Rise Buddy Plaza
The Buddy Plaza, home to all things Palico and Palamute

Buddies are your animal companions. During your monster hunting escapades, you will be accompanied by a Palico and Palamute. Palicoes have been a staple part of the Monster Hunter series for quite some time, helping hunters with gathering resources and fighting monsters. Upon starting the game, you will be able to customize your cat’s looks and role.

Palamutes are a new addition exclusive to Monster Hunter Rise. They prioritize attacking the monster and can be mounted to travel at a quicker pace. Just like with the Palicoes, you will be able to customize your canine companion with gear and much more.

Use the forge’s Wishlist feature to set objectives for upgrades.

Monster Hunter Rise Forge

Monster Hunter is a series all about getting stronger at your own pace. The forge is one of the most important aspects of the franchise, and that is no different in Rise. On the surface, the forge’s weapon tree looks complicated. It is a simple system when you start to understand how it all works though, with each upgrade feeling like a worthwhile investment. The best way to approach the forge from my personal experience is to set yourself objectives – use the Wishlist function to make this easier.

MH Rise Wishlist

To access the Wishlist, simply press Y to open the sub-menu. Adding a piece of gear to the Wishlist will notify you when you have acquired the necessary materials. This makes grinding a lot simpler, as you can view what you need with a press of a button.

Refer to your Hunter’s Notes to study a monster’s weakness.

Monster Hunter Rise Hunter Notes beginner's guide

After defeating a monster for the first time, a synopsis will be added to your Hunter’s Notes. This is an extremely useful feature that will make your hunts a lot easier. There are important details surrounding effective status ailments, weak spots, and information surrounding its behavior. If you are unsure about your loadout before a hunt, referring to this will make preparation less frustrating.

Monitor your health, stamina, and weapon sharpness

In the top left corner, you can view your hunter’s health, stamina, and weapon sharpness. Monitoring these is an essential part of any hunt, as you want to ensure that you are doing consistent damage and recovering health at the right moments. Picking up items while exploring is important, as you can craft potions for healing and exchange goodies to Yomogi for creating Rations that recover stamina.

Monster Hunter Rise Weapon Sharpening beginner's guide

Weapon sharpness impacts your damage output and consistency. At a low sharpness level, your weapon has a higher chance of being deflected – dealing minimal damage. To sharpen your weapon, all you need to do is use a whetstone, which is always in your inventory.

Complete optional subquests and side quests

Speaking to either of the sisters at the Gathering Hub or village will bring up the option to accept optional subquests. These are essential because they reward you with Armor Spheres, which can be used to upgrade your armor. You can select five at a time and complete them during expeditions (which I will get into in a moment) or other quest types. Normally, they require you to gather materials or slay a certain number of monsters.

Monster Hunter Rise sub quest beginner's guide

Side quests can be accepted from the residents of Kamura Village. The game will inform you when a side quest is available, as the villager in question will have a blue speech bubble. Just like with the subquests, they normally require you to gather materials or complete another task.

Go out on expedition tours to get the lay of the land!

Monster Hunter Rise expeditions

There are a lot of distinct locales to explore in Monster Hunter Rise, with each one providing different resources and monsters to track down. Initially, the map for each area will be shrouded in fog. Therefore, it is best to survey the area first through the game’s expedition tours. These can be accepted from both quest givers and provides you with unlimited time to explore. I recommend taking advantage of these when you are wanting to kill or capture multiple monsters, or if it is your first time exploring the area.

Monster Hunter Rise is now available for Nintendo Switch, and hopefully this beginner’s guide will help you learn some new things before you start playing Monster Hunter Rise. Have you picked up this fantastic game? Check out our weapons guide and Buddies guide for more tips.

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