Monster Hunter: Legends of the Guild hits Netflix on August 12

Pure Imagination Studios, Capcom, and Netflix will release 3D animated special movie Monster Hunter: Legends of the Guild with an August 12 release date.

You may have forgotten this was ever announced, but Capcom did not: 3D animated special Monster Hunter: Legends of the Guild will premiere on Netflix with a release date of August 12, 2021. The animation studio is Pure Imagination Studios from California, so you can expect a style a little different from what you’re used to seeing in, for instance, Monster Hunter Rise. Nonetheless, the protagonist of the special is Aiden, the Ace Cadet in Monster Hunter 4 and the “Excitable A-Lister” in Monster Hunter: World.

Here is a plot synopsis for Monster Hunter: Legends of the Guild:

Humans, nature, and giant monsters coexist in the world while maintaining a careful balance.

A young man named Aiden who calls himself a hunter protects his isolated village. One day, he learns that his village is threatened by the Elder Dragon, a monster cloaked in mystery. Needing to find a way to save his village, Aiden leaves his home and sets off on a journey into the unknown alongside Julius, a first-rate and member of the Hunter’s Guild, and his companions…

*Hunter’s Guild: The Guild’s main objective is to protect citizens from various threats, including the Elder Dragon, which is said to be the most powerful of all monsters, and to survey and maintain this ecosystem.

Monster Hunter: Legends of the Guild marks the latest Capcom offering on Netflix, following from Resident Evil: Infinite Darkness and Dragon’s Dogma. There are, suffice to say, mixed opinions on the quality of these shows, and there is likely to be an excited discussion about the quality of this 3D animated special as well. In any case, get your hot takes ready for the August 12 release date of Monster Hunter: Legends of the Guild.


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