Monster Hunter crossover brings Rathalos to Dragalia Lost

Dragalia Lost Monster Hunster crossover Rathalos

Dragalia Lost is a mobile game that just might become known for bringing friends in from other franchises. First we had the Fire Emblem Heroes crew join up. Then we had Mega Man shoot his way around Grastaea in a surprisingly good transition from sidescrolling platformer to isometric action RPG. Now, thanks to the latest Dragalia Digest, we know the next property sending new friends our way. Dragalia Lost is going to have a Monster Hunter crossover, and it’s bringing Rathalos along for the ride.

The video above talks about the new updates coming to the game. It contains details about things like giveaways, new characters, and events. That’s not even mentioning the ability to power up your characters immensely with a new tier of weapons and adventurer upgrades. However, news about the Monster Hunter crossover doesn’t pop up until the very end, around the 7:10 mark.

Like the Mega Man event before this, we don’t have many details about the Monster Hunter crossover from its initial announcement. The two main details we do have are rather tantalizing, though. It’s coming in late January, which is very soon. Additionally, you’ll be able to add Rathalos to your team just by playing. This is the first time that a dragon would be guaranteed in this way, as we usually get adventurers. I wonder if Rathalos will have dialogue…

To quote the fairy Notte, “This event is gonna be off the dang chain!” Are you excited for the Dragalia Lost x Monster Hunter crossover? Looking to add Rathalos to your ragtag team of do-gooders? Let us know!


Dominick Ashtear