Monster Hunter 4 Gets the Spotlight in Next Week’s Nintendo Direct

After a Pokemon-exclusive Nintendo Direct earlier this week, the Big N is shifting its attention toward Monster Hunter 4 for 3DS in the next upcoming Nintendo Direct, which will air on September 8th.

According to Polygon, the Nintendo Direct will begin at 7 AM EST on Sunday, the 8th, and will only discuss Monster Hunter 4. While most release dates for the title have not been confirmed yet, the game’s Japanese release will be coming around a week after this Nintendo Direct on September 14th.

The second Monster Hunter game to be released on 3DS thus far, Monster Hunter 4 will hit shelves with enhanced gameplay allowing for better movement around environments and more intense action against the game’s fantastical beasts. A new \”Guild Quest\” system has also been added, which allows players to take part in a diverse array of missions for rewards.

Dakota Lasky