Monster Hunter 4 3DS XL Looks Beautiful

Within the next 24 hours, Japanese gamers will be hurtling toward shelves to pick up Monster Hunter 4 for 3DS. There are those that have already gotten their hands on some Monster Hunter 4, specifically the quintessential piece of hardware to take down even the foulest of beasts: the official Monster Hunter 4 3DS XL.

Some close-up pictures, courtesy of GoNintendo, of two different versions of the Monster Hunter 3DS XL (3DS LL in Japan), a black one boasting a gold ensignia and a white one with a cute design dancing upon it.



While the white version is certainly interesting, the articulate designs upon the dark background of the black edition are beautiful behind the spectacular emblem in gold. It has a great Zelda feel, but even beyond that it is a wonderful design in its own right that I couldn\’t possibly pass up if these editions were being sold here in the states, as well.

September 14th will begin very soon for Japanese residents, meaning Monster Hunter 4 campaigns will soon be starting up,too. The title has already received a near-perfect score from Japanese video game magazine Famitsu of a 38/40.


Dakota Lasky