Monopoly Gamer: Sonic The Hedgehog will let you collect Chao, unlike the video games

Sonic Monopoly

You can now pass GO at supersonic speeds in the Sonic The Hedgehog edition of Monopoly. Now available for purchase, this is a new addition to the Monopoly Gamer subset of the popular land hoarding board game, which follows different rules. In Monopoly Gamer, players collect powerups and fight bosses. The previous editions of Monopoly Gamer include Super Mario, Mario Kart, and Overwatch-themed boards.

The Sonic The Hedgehog edition will feature series staples like the Chaos Emeralds, Master Emerald, and something long absent from the games: the collection of Chao. Money is of course replaced by rings, and the final boss fight pits you against Dr. Eggman. The player with the most points after the final boss is the winner.

The four playable characters are Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, and Amy. Each character has a special ability that allows them to use a Boost Die. It’s not who I would pick as representation, and I will let you know right now that I will be repainting the Sonic token black with red accents. I imagine in three-player games we’ll be seeing a disproportionate amount of Tails tokens left in the box, too.

The properties feature a good variety of classic and modern Sonic the Hedgehog levels. Players can purchase Green Hill Zone, Chemical Plant Zone, City Escape, and even Rooftop Run from everyone’s favorite game, Sonic Unleashed. While I haven’t played Monopoly Gamer, this looks like it’ll be a fun time for hardcore Sonic fans. Now if only we could get an edition featuring my favorite version of Sonic.

Have you played Monopoly Gamer before? How does it stack up to the classic game? Let us know in the comments.


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