Monolith Soft is on an urgent recruitment drive

Monolith Soft fiscal year ends with double profits

Per Japanese Nintendo, famed Xenoblade series developer Monolith Soft is on a major recruitment drive for several different positions at its Tokyo studio headed by Tetsuya Takahashi. The developer is on the prowl for programmers, planners, technical artists, designers, and management support.

Monolith Soft is very, very busy nowadays. This year alone, they have opened up a fifth studio and brought on new staff to help out on an upcoming The Legend of Zelda game. They ended their last fiscal year with a profit 274 million yen, more than double the figure from the year before. The acclaimed developer is moving fast and constantly gearing up for new releases, and we should be seeing a lot from them over the next few years–as this hiring boom indicates, their Tokyo studio, responsible for the company’s original games, is gearing up for something big.

What do you hope to see from Monolith Soft over the next few years? If one of their five super-busy studios were working on, oh, I don’t know, finally porting Xenoblade Chronicles and Xenoblade Chronicles X, I would be absolutely over the moon. I am also very much hoping to see a new IP come along soon.

Special thanks again to Japanese Nintendo for their work in translating the original source. Via.

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