Monark English trailer released, confirmed for early 2022 in the West

Monark gets a new trailer, Western localization confirmed for early 2022 English

Publisher FuRyu has shared the debut trailer in Japanese and with English subtitles for Monark, the new RPG by former Shin Megami Tensei staff, coming to Switch, PlayStation 5, and PlayStation 4 this October in Japan. NIS America also announced that Monark will head West in early 2022 with English and Japanese voiceovers.

The first character introduced in the trailer is the protagonist, who symbolizes “vanity” as his desire. He’s an unnamed protagonist who becomes head of the “True Student Council” tasked with solving the abnormalities happening at school. In Monark, you’ll party with four “buddy” characters, but you’ll need to make choices that lead to four separate destinies. Since the game has multiple endings, the choices you make with the four buddies will determine what happens.

The first buddy in the trailer is the redhead Hinata Nozomi, representing “Hope” as her desire. Next is Shinya Yuda, who represents “Faith.” The third one is Kokoro Surugandai, a mage girl with glasses who represents “Sloth.” Lastly, we have Ryotaro Date, who has delinquent vibes and represents “Gluttony.”

Monark‘s story is set in a school that gets taken over by a mysterious madness-rendering mist. The protagonist can resist being completely taken over by the mist thanks to a power called the Authority of Vanity. He forms the True Student Council with the four companions to find a way to break the barrier that has closed off Shin Mikado Academy from the rest of the world.

We don’t get to see much of the battles, but the game offers a turn-based battle system with free movement. You can take six characters into battle. The trailer shows a party made of the main character, a buddy character, and four underlings. These underlings, known as “Fiends” in the localized version, feed off the player’s ego, based on seven stats of desire. You can also customize their appearances and voices.

Monark debut trailer (JP)

Monark announcement trailer (English)

This RPG launches for Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 5, and PlayStation 4 in Japan on Oct. 14, 2021. Monark will release for Switch, PS5, PS4, and PC in early 2022 in the West with English voice-over, and a $99.99 limited edition is already available to preorder. Check out our previous report to read more about the game’s staff and highlights from a recent interview.