Modders are remaking Super Mario 64 in Super Mario Odyssey’s engine

Super Mario 64 Super Mario Odyssey modders

A few months ago we reported that modders were recreating Super Mario Odyssey in the Super Mario 64 engine. It was a fun little demake project, but you, the audience, demanded more! “Why not do it the other way around?” you asked. Alright, fine, have it your way. Today, we’ve got a look at a promising project that aims to recreate Super Mario 64 in the Super Mario Odyssey engine. Are you happy now? I sure am, because this looks like a lot of fun! You can check out the big reveal trailer below.

Super Mario 64 meets Super Mario Odyssey

About the game

This project is the collective work of a group of Super Mario Odyssey modders. You can find the list of the full team in the video above. They’re working hard to recreate Super Mario 64 in its entirety, but with the controls and movements of the Switch adventure. Because of this, levels aren’t exact 1-1 recreations. That said, the video above shows that they’re sticking to the general layout of levels pretty faithfully.

This footage represents an earlier build, and there have been improvements since it was recorded. For instance, grass, sand, wood, and other materials now react as they should when Mario walks on them. The team is currently adding more collectibles, including the all-important Power Stars from the N64 classic. If you’re interested in learning more about this project, you can check out its official Discord.

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