Modders add Skyward Sword’s Earth Temple to Breath of the Wild

Skyward Sword Breath of the Wild modders Earth Temple

The modding community constantly delivers. Breath of the Wild is a masterpiece, but it’s not without flaws. One of the chief complaints against this stellar open world game is the lack of traditional dungeons. Modders took this as a challenge, and a few months ago they began releasing dungeon-building tools. At first, these tools were only used to make minor edits, but major strides have been made since then. Most recently, modder kreny has released a playable version of Skyward Sword‘s Earth Temple. You can check out footage of the recreated dungeon by clicking below!

Skyward Sword’s Earth Temple in Breath of the Wild

Modders make it happen

Like most Breath of the Wild mods, this dungeon is playable using the emulator CEMU. Modders have made tremendous progress in getting the game to run smoothly via emulation since its launch in 2017. This particular mod replaces the existing Joolo Nah Shrine (located right here) with the popular temple from Skyward Sword. If you’re interested in trying it out for yourself, you can download the mod in the YouTube video description.

Although it’s not an exact 1-1 recreation (compare it to the original by clicking here), it’s quite an impressive feat. Some changes are made to incorporate the new items and tools from Breath of the Wild. There are also some new enemies, such as Guardians. However, the general setting is a wonderfully well-crafted tribute to Skyward Sword. Hopefully we’ll see more cool recreations like this in the months to come.

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