Modder Creates Shiny Pokemon X & Y Finder

Its always been a chore while out in the wild hunting for rare, new, and shiny forms of Pokemon by zigzagging aimlessly through grassy fields whiling away the time with encounter after encounter of regular Pokemon trying to find the specially colored ones.  Well, fret no more little trainers because now a modder named dekuNukem on Reddit has come up with a new shiny Pokemon X & Y finder that will do all of the hard leg work for you.

Sure, certain regions are known to be crawling with at least one type of special Pokemon that you seek and if you graph off a certain area of steps that you take and \”chain\” them together then perhaps after a certain amount of odd encounters you will strike gold, but the old chaining method can be considered old school today.  Nukem’s machine works this way–when you start a battle with a shiny Pokemon the bottom of your 3DS screen will stay a little darker then it normally should, clocking in at around 12.6 seconds, and that is when you press the buttons required to fish around for those shiners and hopefully nab one before it escapes.

dekuNukem soldered what is known as an Arduino-based microcontroller right onto to the motherboard of his 3DS and that is how he is able to get his hand’s free shiny detect wand working.  You can check out his magic below and let us know if you think he’s wasting his time or if he is onto something good.


Tom Stovall