The Bowsette hype won’t stop: Modder adds fan creation into Super Mario 64


In case you have been living under a rock this past week, Bowsette is a thing. This fan mashup of Bowser and Peach has become so popular and inescapable that modder Kaze Emanuar received payment to add the character into Super Mario 64. Here is the result of his work:

This is getting a bit silly

As you can see, Kaze gave Bowsette some cleavage, a neutral stance that looks like murder on the legs, and the ability to shoot fireballs. He also added some female voicework to Bowsette so she wouldn’t just sound like Mario when she’s hopping around. Lastly, he’s quite critical of the commission he received to create her, lacing some profanity into his commentary on the development process.

All in all, this mod is alright. One cannot be super detailed when creating or modding assets into Super Mario 64, so Kaze can’t be faulted for excluding fangs and claws. The addition of exotic undergarments is fairly dubious in how necessary it was, however; indeed, Super Mario 64 has a model of Peach in a pink dress. Why didn’t Kaze just color the dress black and add it into the mod? Bowsette is often shown with a black dress in fanart, after all. Perhaps the lingerie was requested in the commission to Kaze, based on his dismissive tone in the video above. Who knows?

If you want to download the Bowsette mod for Super Mario 64 on PC, you can do so here. If the revolutionary 3D title is now forever tarnished due to what I have just exposed you to, then I am truly sorry.

What say you, dear readers? Are you a fan of this mod? Do you believe Bowsette is growing in fame too quickly? How do you feel about other mashups? Let us know with a thoughtful comment below.

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