When will it die: Bowsette makes her modded debut in Breath of the Wild


Bowsette. She is the gift that keeps on giving. Not content with just being modded into New Super Mario Bros. Wii and Super Mario 64, the horned queen has now popped up in a more recent Nintendo title: The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. See her in action for yourself below, courtesy of YouTuber Lynard Killer:

She’s here to cause destruction

The above video does a good job showing Bowsette in action. Basically a simple Link model and voice swap, Bowsette is shown harassing townsfolk and fighting monsters. The user employed an updated version of Bowser’s boss theme from Super Mario 64 to accompany the footage; a killer track that goes well with all the mayhem. Thankfully, the end of the video shows the badass lady accompanying a villager through the town, signifying that she isn’t all about murder. Of course, she can just be lulling him into a false sense of security before she ends his days.

Though the model isn’t super detailed, Bowsette actually blends well with BotW‘s style. Her portrayal above is also pretty clever. She’s wearing her usual black dress, which is apparently highly flammable. The weapons she employs are all fire-based, just as the Koppa King himself would use if he somehow ended up in Hyrule. Furthermore, Bowsette’s actions are akin to an evil antagonist; at no point in the footage is a heroic deed being done. Everything is fire and brimstone; in a grassy place like Hyrule, this means famine and scorched earth for the rest of eternity. Given the plot of BotW, you’d think the population deserves a break.

I find it refreshing to see Bowsette in a non-Mario title for a change. However, this does frighten me into pondering what games modders will put her in next. This fad may survive Earth’s devastation along with cockroaches.

What are your thoughts on this recent Bowsette mod? Tired of seeing her? Wondering if Nintendo will eventually cave and make her canon? Let us know with a comment!

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