Miyamoto Says Wii U Interface Should Be Better By Summer


Shigeru Miyamoto has been making the rounds lately talking about Pikmin 3, his retirement, NFC and the Wii U GamePad, and now he’s spoken with Time magazine about a much needed Wii U update.  Ever since day one when the Wii U needed an almost two hour update right out of the box people have dealt with its slow loading times between choosing games to play and waiting for the menu to load, and lag between app loads.  The complaints were heard far and wide and Satoru Iwata, president of Nintendo of Japan, tried to smooth things over in a January Nintendo Direct by apologizing for the Wii U’s snail pace.  Miyamoto told Time that the Big \’N\’ ‘s planned \”major\” update should make the Wii U interface better by summer.

Expounding on Nintendo’s goal with the update Miyamoto said,

\”What we want to do is make sure that when we release it, that we address as many of the different opinions about how people would like to see the system improve as we can at once.  We hope to cover a wide range of requests while simultaneously ensuring it’s a very stable update to the system.\”

He also said that Nintendo spent a great deal of time examining what ways the people are using the Wii U and recording where the users feel improvements can be made so they can attack head on what needs to be tweaked to make things run faster and more smoothly.  Miyamoto that currently there is no spot on date set for the much needed update but assured that its going to be \”very much improved\” over how things are currently running on the Wii U.

Miyamoto also mentioned NFC and that its currently one of Nintendo’s major focuses right now.  What do you think of the planned update? Leave a comment here at Nintendo Enthusiast.

[Source: CVG]

Tom Stovall