Miyamoto Says Future Mario Galaxy Projects Possible

With the addition of playable Captain Toad levels and Rosalina as a secret fifth character to unlock and use in the up coming Super Mario 3D World game it would seem that Mario hasn\’t quite left the galaxy yet.  But does the addition of the characters to an already multiplayer game mean a multiplayer future for Mario Galaxy itself or is galaxy going away into the 3D world? Fear not said Shigeru Miyamoto in a recent Iwata Asks session.  He noted that just because both games share a development team and because 3D World exists doesn\’t mean its the end for the Galaxy storyline and that more future Mario Galaxy projects aren\’t possible.

\”The same team can\’t make both at the same time.  And we can\’t bring in a second party and slap the name Super Mario Galaxy on it.  I suppose we could idealistically make both in Tokyo, but we want to do something new too, so there was that dilemma,\” said Miyamoto.

Miyamoto and design director Kenta Motokura said the reason Rosalina is making an appearance in Super Mario 3D World is due in part to her apparent popularity.  Miyamoto noted that Rosalina wasn\’t one of his favorites but that thanks to fans it looks like she will be staying around awhile longer.  Motokura said that since Rosalina made an appearance in Mario  Kart as a playable character she is pretty much well known by now.

Miyamoto concluded that when Super Mario Galaxy first came out he was a little hung up on why another girl (Rosalina) would show up when Princess Peach is the one who has been kidnapped and always has the limelight.  Then he thought, \”Well, that’s okay I guess.  We will just make her design a little bigger.  But all of a sudden she was a regular character in Mario Kart as just  a regular girl, even her size turned to normal.\”

What do you think of the inclusion of Captain Toad and Rosalin in the 3D World atmosphere? Is it a welcome one or a rumbling of the pot? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

Tom Stovall