Shigeru Miyamoto Has No Interest In Remaking Any ‘Super Mario’ Games

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IGN had an interview with Nintendo’s Shigeru Miyamoto. Although a slew of topics were talked about, one of the bigger pieces coming from the discussion is Miyamoto’s lack of interest in remaking Super Mario games. Here’s what the developer said.

I don’t really feel like I want to remake any of them. It’s more natural to always create new mechanics and new games.”

There are two sides of the coin within this debate. On one hand, Super Mario games shouldn’t be remade because with each new game comes ability to fix mistakes from past titles. However, who doesn’t want to replay Super Mario 64 running on Unreal Engine 4 in 1080P 60FPS?

Do you want to see any Super Mario games get remakes? Comment below, let us know.


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