Mix-up: Gamer transforms Animal Crossing island into Resident Evil Village

Animal Crossing Resident Evil Village

When it comes to video games, fan-made stuff is awesome. One of my personal favorites is the animation made for a theoretical Animal Crossing/DOOM Eternal crossover. And speaking of New Horizons, a creative Reddit user named masabow1018 made a timely hybrid project recently. They combined Animal Crossing and Resident Evil Village to create an island of pure horror/cuteness.

Seeing Village denizens in the Animal Crossing graphics style is a hoot

Check out some pictures of masabow1018’s design below:

Animal Crossing Resident Evil Village
An homage to Village‘s creepiest section
Animal Crossing Resident Evil Village
Lady Dimitrescu is not as imposing here, but still cute as a button

Incredible work. I don’t remember seeing any punching bags in the castle portion, though. It would have been nice to practice on so I could improve Ethan’s dexterity!

If you are interested in visiting masabow1018’s island, you can do so by using the Dream Address listed below:

Animal Crossing Resident Evil Village

Enthusiasts, what are your thoughts on this marrying of Animal Crossing and Resident Evil Village? Will you visit the aforementioned area to get a glimpse of Lady Dimitrescu in a less threatening form? Do you think a Cloud Version of Village will ever land on the Nintendo Switch? Let us know in the comment section below.

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