Lengthy: Nintendo’s E3 2019 Direct rumored to be about 45 minutes long


Nintendo may not be holding a conference during E3 2019, but the company is debuting a Direct. The Big N’s upcoming lineup of games is set to be unveiled next Tuesday, June 11, 2019. The Direct will be airing around 9 AM Pacific Time (12 PM Eastern), which means us E3 goers are going to be making our way inside the LA Convention Center as it airs. No other concrete details are yet available, but an industry insider has reason to believe the presentation will last around 45 minutes.

You can fit a ton of information into a 45-minute stream

Here’s the official Tweet from PeekyBird! that spills the supposed beans:


Not very substantial, so please, as always, take any rumors with the biggest grain of salt.

However, if PeekyBird! is indeed correct, Nintendo can do a lot with such a long run time. We know no new hardware will be shown, so the Direct is free to be all about the games. My guesses? SNES Online, Metroid Prime 3 footage with a Metroid Prime Trilogy port, Mother 3, Bayonetta 3 gameplay with a definitive release date, and the second DLC fighter for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate getting a stealth release through the eShop.

Fellow readers, do you believe the Nintendo E3 2019 Direct will be about an hour long? What titles do you hope to see during the stream? As always, leave us your thoughts in the comment field below. In addition, if you want to hear some different ideas about what to expect from the video, check out the clip below:

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