Minecraft Switch update fixes severe crashes & player message issues

Minecraft Switch

Mojang Studios has released an update for Minecraft on Switch that fixes some glaring issues. Since the last update, version 1.61.20, players have encountered some major problems with the game’s stability on Switch. The current version, update 1.61.21, looks to fix those stability problems introduced in the last content update.

Fellow Enthusiast Ben Lamoreux had experienced these problems firsthand. When trying to send server invites and in-game messages, the game would crash. At times, it’d even cause a full Switch lockup, requiring a system reboot. These issues essentially rendered anything Minecraft multiplayer useless, and Ben decided to wait for a patch before playing again.

Thankfully, that patch has arrived and has done the trick so far. We’ve tested the game since the update dropped, and there were no issues on the menu screen. We successfully sent several messages out to other users, including a server invite, with no issues. Previously, these tasks would have caused a game or system lockup. The messenger screen does still lag a little bit, but this has been the case for Minecraft on Switch for some time.

Update 1.61.21 is now live for Minecraft on Switch. Mojang Studios urges players to let the team know about any other issues encountered during general play.


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