Negotiations for Minecraft Steve in Smash began at least five years ago

Minecraft Steve Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Nintendo Mojang negotiations began at least five years ago

Today, we learned that Steve (and Alex, Zombie, and Enderman) from Minecraft is headed to Super Smash Bros. Ultimate as the second character of Fighters Pass 2. We knew as Fighters Pass 2 began that all six of its DLC characters had already been definitively selected at Nintendo — but one thing we don’t know is how long it takes behind the scenes for corporations to come to an agreement to share their IP with Nintendo. Well, in the case of Minecraft, Steve, developer Mojang, and owner Microsoft, negotiations with Nintendo apparently began at least five years ago.

This information comes via Daniel Kaplan, a former Mojang employee who left in July 2017 to join Coffee Stain. Kaplan casually revealed on Twitter that, while he doesn’t know when the actual implementation of Steve and Minecraft began, he can say the talks started at least five years ago. That would mean that talks began around the time Super Smash Bros. Ultimate was first conceived.

All of this being said, it’s important to note there is still a lot of information we don’t have. There is no telling how long it takes on average for Nintendo negotiations to blossom into new IP appearing in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. A time table of “years” rather than “months” certainly sounds reasonable though, considering the unimaginable amount of legal rigmarole that must be involved.

This insight should only make fans of Minecraft and Steve even more appreciative that these negotiations were successful.


John Friscia
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