Steve guide for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate: Master the Steve moveset

Steve guide for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate: Master the Steve moveset guide competitive play

Minecraft has invaded Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, with Steve and Alex joining the fight and bringing major mining madness with them. We imagine a lot of people are going to want to take these blocky brawlers for a spin, particularly some who have never “smashed” before, so this Minecraft Steve guide for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate will teach you how to master the Steve moveset and hold your own in competitive play.

At bottom, we have included a list of relevant Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Steve terminology for combat, so refer back to that as necessary as you enjoy our guide.

Steve guide tips to be dominant in competitive play

Resource management is a must. To no one’s surprise, mining for materials (Neutral B while standing on the ground) is a big part of Steve’s offense. After all, every weapon he wields can break after a few uses and must be crafted at the crafting table on the stage. (Summon the crafting table by putting up a shield and pressing B.) Because of this, make sure your finger is holding down the B button whenever you’re not directly engaged with an opponent. You don’t want to be in a situation where you can land a killing blow — except you don’t have a sword and you’re out of materials to build one.

Understand your materials and take fast advantage of them. There are five different types of materials that Steve can create weapons from, and they have a defined order of least powerful to most powerful that is as follows:

Wood -> Stone -> Iron -> Gold -> Diamond

Knowing what type of weapon you currently have and what materials can strengthen your arsenal is a major part of having success with Steve. Simply put, if you see Gold or Diamond, get to a crafting table immediately. Also, all weapons will become the material you craft with automatically, so you won’t have to worry about tools of varying materials.

Build blocks, not walls. A few seasoned Super Smash Bros. Ultimate players might see Steve’s Build Block (Neutral B while jumping) and think building walls on the edge of stages will keep opponents from being able to recover, guaranteeing victory. This is absolutely not the case, as characters can still grab the edge and pull themselves up as if the walls aren’t even there, breaking right through the blocks Steve creates. There are some ways to keep certain characters from recovering using Build Block, but simply building edge walls will not work.

Remember your Redstone. While mining you’ll see flashes of Redstone appear, but your resource meter won’t show any in your inventory. That’s because while Redstone isn’t used to build any weaponry, it will enhance a few of Steve’s other Special Attacks, like making the TNT block more explosive or helping the Minecart move faster and cause more damage. Make sure to remember when you’ve mined some Redstone during a battle, as the extra damage it can provide could be a difference-maker.

Protect your table. The crafting table is essential to Steve’s success, as without it he cannot craft new weapons. The crafting table is also fragile and will break after a few attacks, only to reappear right next to Steve after about five seconds. If you’re playing Steve make sure that table is protected at all costs, as a crafty opponent could easily target the table, render Steve unable to craft new weapons, and put the Minecraft mauler at a serious disadvantage. However, in certain situations, the crafting table can be an effective shield, so weigh your options.

Now go use the tips in this Steve guide for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate to come out on top in competitive play!

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Steve Guide Terminology

Basic terminology

Neutral attack: Attack performed just by pressing the attack button, no directional input

Tilt attack: Attack performed by slowly tilting the directional input and pressing the attack button

Smash attack: Attack performed by quickly moving the directional input and pressing the attack button, button can be held for increased damage

Dash: Making a character run by pressing forward quickly twice

Aerial: Jumping attack

Grab: Attack where a character grabs and immobilizes the opponent

Pummel: Strikes that occur while grabbing

Throw: Follow-up to Grab

Floor attack: Attack while getting up from being knocked down

Edge attack: Attack while pulling up from hanging off the edge of a platform

Special attack: Attacks unique to a character

Final Smash: Super attack used by breaking Smash Ball item that randomly appears during matches

Steve basic attacks moveset

Standard attacks: A button

Neutral A: Sword slash (hold button to slash multiple times, also works while moving)

Forward tilt: Sword slash (same as Neutral A)

Up tilt: Axe swing (hold button to swing multiple times, also works while moving)

Down tilt: Flint and Steel (small flame created and lingers before disappearing)

Dash attack: Pickaxe Quick Attack

Forward Smash: Sword Swing

Up Smash: Magma Block (block appears, hits multiple times, then Steve uses a tool to break block)

Down Smash: Lava Bucket (Splashes two puddles of damaging lava, one in front of Steve and one behind)

Neutral aerial: Sword Slash (same as Neutral A)

Forward aerial: Pickaxe Swing (Attacks in front)

Back aerial: Pickaxe Swing (Attacks behind)

Up aerial: Axe (same as Up Tilt)

Down aerial: Anvil (produces an anvil and quickly falls downward)

Floor attack: Sword Swing (attacks in front and behind Steve)

Edge attack: Low Sword Swing

Grab attacks: R button

Grab: Fishing Rod (hook can grab the opponent and drag them to Grab)

Pummel: Punch (opponent trapped in the cage during pummel)

Forward throw: Piston (piston pushes the opponent away)

Back throw: Fishing Rod (throws opponent behind Steve using fishing rod)

Up throw: Piston (piston launches opponent into the air)

Down throw: Anvil (drops an anvil on opponent)

Steve special attacks moveset

Special attacks: B button

Neutral (ground): Mine (Steve mines for materials, materials gained are random)

Neutral (Crafting Table): Craft (Steve crafts new weapons using strongest material mined)

Neutral (air): Build Block (block appears under Steve’s feet while jumping)

Side special: Minecart (Steve rides a minecart into opponent)

Up special: Elytra (Steve uses wings to glide through the air)

Down special: TNT (TNT block appears, and Steve can build a switch to detonate block by holding the button and walking away from it)

Final Smash: House of Boom (giant piston pushes the opponent into a castle, which Creepers then blow up)

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