Minecraft Nether Update arrives next week alongside new soundtrack

minecraft nether update launch trailer

Mojang Studios has announced the release date for the upcoming Minecraft Nether Update. June 23 is when you can expect the new update to arrive on your system, which brings loads of fresh content to the game on Nintendo Switch. As the title suggests, this update revolves around the Nether, making Minecraft’s huge lava-filled underworld a little more inhabitable for players.

New biomes are coming to the Nether, providing environments players can actually utilize. Copious amounts of lava make the Nether a pretty punishing location, but these biomes should help. The update also brings new residents to the world of Minecraft, such as the Piglins who want very little outside of any and all gold they can get their hands on.


Hoglins are the main new enemy, a wild hog enemy type that is constantly hunted by the Piglins, which means Piglins must want something other than gold. Various new blocks and materials arrive with the Nether Update too. The new target block lets you activate Redstone switches from afar with arrows, and new material Netherite becomes the most durable material in Minecraft. Netherite overtakes diamond in that regard and can upgrade existing diamond gear.

A new 20-minute soundtrack has also launched on Spotify to coincide with the Nether Update. Of course, the music within focuses on the sounds of the Nether. Will you be checking out Minecraft‘s latest update?


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