Minecraft creator Mojang changes its name & logo to prep for the future

Mojang Studios logo name change Minecraft movie Microsoft worldwide

Out with the old and in with the new! No longer will Minecraft developer Mojang use its same old name and logo as it blasts off into the future. No, on Minecraft‘s 11th birthday, this company has made the bold decision to use a brand new name for itself moving forward, one that you may have difficulty remembering: Mojang Studios.

Mojang Studios logo name change Minecraft movie Microsoft worldwide

The new name and logo came in part just from a desire to refresh the brand, since the company had been using its previous logo for over a decade. Additionally, although the developer is rooted in Stockholm, Sweden, it now has studios around the world — hence Mojang Studios. And curiously, the new logo is made out of new objects called “Mojangs,” which the studio at least attempts to explain in a cute and colorful new video. In any case, the video is enjoyable for its own sake.

Don’t forget that Mojang Studios has plenty more of its star franchise in the works, whether you’re ready for it or not: “Following Minecraft Earth and Minecraft Dungeons, we’re planning a feature film, preparing an epic live show, and playing with ideas for brand new games.”

What do you think of the new name and look? I think it’s pretty cool. (I’ve only played a couple minutes of Minecraft in my entire life though.)


John Friscia
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