Metroid Fusion is being recreated in Minecraft and it’s nuts

Minecraft Metroid Fusion recreation nyubug no mods

There is a rumor that a new 2D Metroid of some kind is in the works, and Retro Studios picked up an art director from EA DICE recently presumably for Metroid Prime 4. Otherwise, there has been no news for the game series lately. Fortunately, fans will always keep Metroid alive even when Nintendo is being quiet. Toward that end, Reddit user Nyubug has shown off a video of how they are recreating Metroid Fusion without mods in Minecraft. It’s as wild as it sounds, especially when the video pulls back to reveal the Minecraft world.

I’m recreating Metroid Fusion in Vanilla Minecraft! from Minecraft

Nyubug had this to say about recreating Metroid Fusion in Minecraft:

Hey! So this is a project I’ve been working on for the past few months, I’ve been making 2d creations for quite a while now but nothing this complex. This is my attempt to re-create Metroid Fusion completely in vanilla Minecraft.

Currently, the system has a working smooth camera, player physics, sprite and background animations. I’ve tried to match the original game as close as possible.

To recreate the pixelated look, there’s actually a custom vanilla shader system (no mods!) using spectate mode shaders and resource packs. Credits to onnowhere for the shaders btw!

Minecraft has been used for similarly bonkers projects before, like building Pok√©mon Red, which is hard for me to fathom. I’ve honestly only played a few minutes of Minecraft in my entire life, so I just have to assume black magic is being used to produce things like Metroid Fusion. Let us know what you think of this perverse and arcane sorcery.


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