Minecraft Dungeons will have no online matchmaking


Minecraft Dungeons will launch for Nintendo Switch on May 26. Lots of people are excited to try out this new Minecraft entry, but they’ll need to have a group of friends set up if they want to play with others. The game’s FAQ is now live, and it plainly states that there will be no online matchmaking.


No. Minecraft Dungeons is designed to be played together with your friends – either on a comfy couch or in a comfy online session.

Play with friends – and only friends

As you can see, the developers have specified that you’ll be able to play the game with friends, whether that’s online or locally. What won’t be possible is teaming up with random players inside the game. Unfortunately, if you’re up against a tough boss and need some help, you might have to resort to the game’s Subreddit.

Interestingly, another entry on the FAQ page might shed some light on the issue of playing with random players.


Minecraft Dungeons features online and local play for up to four players co-operatively. The difficulty, enemy count, and the loot will adapt based on the number of players in each session to consistently provide a fun, rewarding experience.

The fact that the loot needs to adapt to the number of players in the game may suggest that only one player can pick up each piece of loot. While playing with people you know, you could discuss who should get which piece of loot based on the gear you already have. With random players though, you’d simply be fighting for the best loot. That could lead to a miserable experience if you manage to kill an incredibly hard boss and earn nothing from it.


Jamie Sharp
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