Minecraft Dungeons unveils Creeping Winter DLC

Minecraft Dungeons Creeping Winter DLC out now, plus free update challenges

A dungeon-crawling spinoff of creative sandbox game Minecraft seems like an odd choice, but lo and behold, Minecraft Dungeons is exactly that and it’s been a cross-platform hit. Shortly following the launch of the game earlier this year, a pair of DLC expansions were confirmed to be arriving for the game during the summer. The first of this pair of DLC, Jungle Awakens, released in the beginning of July. Now, the 2nd half of the expansion set is here, as Creeping Winter has been revealed with a launch date of September 8.

minecraft dungeons creeping winter dlc

Much like the previous Minecraft Dungeons DLC expansion, Creeping Winter brings a new set of missions into the game. This time, your new quests take you to a relentless tundra full of biting frost and relentless snow. You’ll need to tackle some fearsome new enemies here, but doing so is worth it as it’ll net you a variety of brand new armor, weapons, and artifacts.

Even if you don’t purchase Creeping Winter, there’s some new content for you to enjoy in the form of a free Minecraft Dungeons game update arriving on the same day as the DLC. This update brings new merchants to the game, as well as Daily Trials that provide extra difficult and experimental takes on the usual levels.


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