Minecraft Dungeons gets Jungle Awakens DLC July 1

Minecraft Dungeons

It’s hard to imagine Minecraft as anything other than the sandbox-style creativity-fueled playground that it is. Mojang Studios faced that challenge head-on, though, and came out victorious with a stunning dungeon-crawling spinoff titled Minecraft Dungeons. The game only just launched on Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC last month, but the developers behind the sharp top-down RPG adventure are already prepared to drop a new bundle of content for the game. We knew as soon as the game launched that there would be two DLC expansions arriving sometime in 2020. Now, we have a launch date for the first expansion in that set, as Mojang Studios has confirmed that the Jungle Awakens DLC expansion is set to arrive on July 1.

minecraft dungeons jungle awakens screenshot

The Jungle Awakens DLC forĀ Minecraft Dungeons adds lush new locales full of vines, shrubbery, and pandas that you’ll explore alone or with friends in search of new enemies and new loot. Face off against new mob enemies like Leapleafs and Whisperers as you make your way toward the brand new Jungle Abomination boss. A slew of new weapons, artifacts, and armor items will be added, as well.

Minecraft Dungeons is also set to receive a free update around the same time which adds new items, a new Lost Temple dungeon, and a few game balance changes as well.

Minecraft Dungeons is available now for Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC. The Jungle Awakens DLC will be available on July 1 for owners of the Hero Edition or Hero Pass.


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