Minecraft Dungeons Chills and Thrills seasonal event goes live

minecraft dungeons chills and thrills mojang studios nintendo switch winter event

While Mojang Studios continues to deliver paid DLC via the new Minecraft Dungeons season pass, free updates are also coming. On the back of last week’s Howling Peaks DLC comes the Minecraft Dungeons Chills and Thrills seasonal event. As you probably guessed, both have a winter theme, with Chills and Thrills bringing new trials to the table.

Six new winter-themed trials with two new trial modifiers are the body of the update. Trial modifiers work like mission mutators, where you can pick and choose how certain things work. Chills and Thrills’ new modifiers can alter the number of chests, the cooldown time on artifacts, and even create invisible mobs.

This wouldn’t be Christmas without some rewards though, and Mojang is delivering those. Three unique collectible items will be earnable during the Chills and Thrills event, tied to the six new trials. There’s the Arctic Fox Armor, the Frost Slayer melee weapon, and the Shivering Bow for long range attacks.

If you are interested in any paid DLC content, the first pack of the new season pass went live on Dec. 10. Minecraft Dungeons: Howling Peaks provides a brand new area set atop a treacherous mountain.

All of the Minecraft Dungeons Chills and Thrills content is live in the Seasonal Events area.


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