Striking: Arms devs make artwork celebrating Min Min in Smash Bros.

Min Min

Arms┬ácharacter Min Min is now officially part of the Smash Bros. Ultimate roster. Though I haven’t had a chance to try her out yet, she looks like a neat addition to the game. To celebrate this special occasion, the team behind Arms┬áhas drawn a special art piece showing the brawler interacting with the rest of the fighters.

Min Min looks ready to knock some Nintendo IP unconscious

Feast your eyes on the colorful illustration above, courtesy of the official Japanese Arms Twitter account. Mario is about to run face-first into the electrifying Megawatt while Link is about to get bonked on the head by the Dragon. Also, while Isabelle is clearly tripping over some ink, it looks like she has been hit by hot molten magma. I hope she recovers.

This picture follows another bit of artwork that was unveiled last week:

Min Min

I definitely think Min Min can take Captain Falcon in a ramen eating contest. Also, you can see how hurt Spring Man is over not receiving an invite to the party. Forever doomed to be an Assist Trophy and nothing more.

Enthusiasts, what do you think of these pieces of art celebrating Min Min? Have you had a chance to try out her move set in Smash Bros. Ultimate? Sound off below!

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