One million Octopath Traveler units shipped in under a month!

Octopath Traveler units 1 million

How many Octopath Traveler units have shipped since its release for Nintendo Switch on July 13? One million and counting, and Nintendo and Square Enix are very happy about it, as evidenced by this new piece of thank-you art shared to Twitter.

I’m delighted by these numbers, because I love RPGs, I love Octopath‘s HD-2D art style, and I want to see a lot more of both on the Switch. Plus, Octopath Traveler just straight-up deserves these numbers. As I said in my review, the game is just a ridiculous amount of fun to play. If you can forgive how slow and dull the story is, it’s the best new role-playing game Square has released in years. (Sorry/not sorry, I Am Setsuna.)

Are you one of the approximate million players of Octopath Traveler? Let us know how you’re enjoying it!

John Friscia
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