Miles Morales ain’t no Spider-Man clone in Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3

Miles Morales Spider-Man Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3

Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 continues to be the Nintendo Switch exclusive that nobody on this Earth saw coming. And we love it! This time around, Game Informer is showing off Miles Morales, the black and Puerto Rican Spider-Man first born in the pages of the Ultimate Marvel continuity in 2011.

As fans know, Miles Morales has powers that Peter Parker Spider-Man does not, and we’ll be seeing them in Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3. They’ll be taking a few liberties with them though. In the game, his abilities will include Web Shooter, Surprise Strike, Venom Strike, and High Voltage Lines. The Surprise Strike has Miles turn invisible before attacking with an electric burst. The Venom Strike does area-of-effect damage with a spherical blast of electricity. And High Voltage Lines is basically what it sounds like — shocking dudes with electric webs. Yeah, they’ve made electricity his gimmick.

Thanks to the Academy Award-winning Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse, millions more people are familiar with Miles Morales than they were just a couple years ago. That’s terrific, as he’s a worthy addition to the canon and not just a clone. Although, to be fair, the Spider-Man canon is full of literal clones that are also awesome characters. So, hey, I guess I’m petitioning for Scarlet Spider to appear in the game next!


John Friscia
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