Miiverse Now More Accessible to Those Without a Nintendo Network ID

Without a Nintendo Network ID account, Miiverse can be a bit difficult to navigate. And, of course, not everything is accessible to the everyday Internet user without an account. You\’ll have to get your own Nintendo Network ID to get the full functionality out of Miiverse, but thanks to a minor update published by the Big N earlier today, those without a Nintendo Network ID will now be able to see a little more into the web browser version of Nintendo’s social network.

Users who are not signed into a Nintendo Network ID can now view all popular posts within a particular community, as well as any comments on those posts. Previously, those who were not signed in could only see a few popular posts from each community and not all, if any, of the comments. Maybe Nintendo hopes that this will entice new users to sign up for the network by offering a better sample of what is offered by Miiverse.

The update also changes the redirect following the user log-in – when you sign into your Nintendo Network ID account on the web version of Miiverse, you will now be taken to the Communities screen, rather than your activity feed.

Nintendo has not yet confirmed any further changes to Miiverse’s accessibility or functionality outside its userbase. More importantly, these changes are solely for the web version of Miiverse only.

Dakota Lasky