Miitopia Switch trailer features same-sex dating and a customizable horse

Miitopia Switch same-sex dating

Miitopia is coming to Nintendo Switch with a bunch of new features and upgrades for the Mii adventure, including same-sex dating. Nintendo has released an introduction trailer that shows new character appearance options, dating with Miis, and a new horse buddy.

Check out the new trailer from Nintendo below:

Miitopia is an adventure RPG with Miis as its characters. Each and every character is a Mii, and players can put in their own Miis with a role for the story. That means you can make your customized Mii characters become just about anyone in the story, from the main characters to shopkeepers. You can even pick a Mii to become the Dark Lord. If you’re not into making Miis, the game allows players to share their creations, so those will be available to download as an option.

The Nintendo Switch version of Miitopia has several new features to improve on Mii customization, such as makeup and wigs. Makeup adds new Mii appearance options using eyelashes and lipstick, and it can also be used to change the shape and colors of different facial parts. Wigs are essentially additional hairstyles for your Miis that also comes with hair color options.

Dating is another one of the big features coming to Miitopia for Switch, and it will include same-sex dating. You can advance the relationship between two Miis by sending them on all kinds of different dates. Dating activities include going to the cafe, fishing, movies, karaoke, and a lot more.

Lastly, we got a look at the new horse feature. You can become buddies with a horse after progressing through the story, and they’ll pretty much help you through just about everything, including battle.

Miitopia launches worldwide for Nintendo Switch on May 21, 2021.