Runner-and-gunner Mighty Goose will get free DLC

mighty goose dlc nintendo switch

Metal Slug-inspired run-and-gun title Mighty Goose is set to get some free DLC at some point soon, according to the game’s creator, Richard Lems. He shared this news yesterday in a tweet, which you can check out below.

If you have not heard of Mighty Goose before its DLC announcement just now, it can be a tough game to wrap your head around. You play as a bounty hunter goose armed (and legged) with mechanical limbs. As the titular Mighty Goose, you must punch, kick, and shoot your way through wave after wave of enemies. You can see this process in action in the trailer below.

In short, Mighty Goose looks like frantic fun at every corner. Nonstop action, ridiculous weapons and vehicles, an energetic soundtrack and combines synth rock and jazz, and a bounty hunter goose for the main character? I do not see how you could go wrong with that. I have not had this game on my radar before, but with this DLC announcement, I may just have to go ahead and check out the base game.

Have you played Mighty Goose? If so, what did you think? What sort of hopes do you have for a free content update for the game? Let us know what you think of the game and this DLC announcement in the comments section down below.


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