Mighty Goose brings more run-and-gun shooting to Switch next year

mighty goose dlc nintendo switch

Developers Battlemode and MP2 Games and publisher Playism have announced Mighty Goose for Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Steam for 2021. The game is a classic run-and-gun shooter with a fairly unique protagonist, a bounty hunter goose enhanced with mechanical limbs. Using those limbs, this goose can beat up enemies with its bare metal fists and feet. It can even pick up a gun and start blasting them away.

Mighty Goose looks like silly, frantic fun, with “a ton of crazy weapons, warmachines, upgrades, and secrets.” Like the classic shooters it’s inspired by, you’ll be facing bosses that fill the entire screen in Mighty Goose. It’s possible to customize your loadout with chips and secondary weapons to help take these down.

The game also features a fantastic soundtrack that blends funky jazz and synth rock into the perfect tunes to shoot enemies as a goose to. Dominic Ninmark, who has worked on or is working on Gravity Circuit, Moonrider, and Blazing Chrome, composed said soundtrack. The music appears to agree well with the pixel art aesthetic and the violence you’ll be inflicting on the world as a bounty hunting goose.

Richard Lems is also a major creative force on the game, who previously created Kunai on Switch.


Jamie Sharp
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