Middle-aged man arrested for sending death threats to Square Enix

40-year-old Kenichi Hiratsuka threatens Square Enix to burn, like Kyoto Animation

Recently, tragedy struck Japan when a madman committed calculated arson on Kyoto Animation, killing dozens and injuring dozens more. Now, Siliconera is reporting 40-year-old Kenichi Hiratsuka has been arrested for threatening a “Repeat of Kyoto Animation” to Square Enix.

These threats were sent through the company website on July 23, apparently reading, “Give me back my money from your sh*t game,” and “Do you want a repeat of Kyoto Animation?” Upon police questioning, Hiratsuka explained himself, saying, “I was pissed off at losing in a game, so I sent the mail.”

So yeah, it sounds like this was just a case of a disgruntled idiot letting off steam in the worst possible way. But being angry is no excuse to make death threats against a corporation, and such instances must be prosecuted to nip moronic behavior in the bud.

Incidentally, this past March a 25-year-old nurse care worker emailed Square Enix to inform their staff that he was going to kill them. It was apparently because he was angry at how much money he had lost playing a gacha game. This man was arrested too. Basically, Square Enix cannot catch a break this year.

In lighter news, Square Enix’s Dragon Quest XI S: Echoes of an Elusive Age – Definitive Edition will release worldwide on Sept. 27. That’s something, right? Right?


John Friscia
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