Could Microsoft be bringing Xbox Game Pass to Nintendo Switch?

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Nintendo and Microsoft sure seem chummy these days. It’s enough to make your average game fan wonder what, if anything, is going on. Perhaps Xbox Game Pass is coming to Nintendo Switch? Believe it or not, rumors are running wild on that idea.

According to Direct-Feed Games, the two major game companies are in talks to bring Microsoft titles to Nintendo’s platform. That includes the entirety of the Xbox Game Pass library. While this sounds like a bold move, recent history has been leading up to this possibility. Microsoft has allowed titles they own on Nintendo consoles before, even publishing Minecraft. There are also studios like Ninja Theory and Obsidian who are owned by Microsoft and self-publish their games on Switch.

Supposedly the announcement to bring Xbox Game Pass to Switch can come as early as this year. It’s exciting to think of Halo running on a Nintendo console, but so far sources say indie title Ori and the Blind Forest could be a launching point for this initiative. Microsoft’s Project xCloud streaming service is supposedly going to be the way to bring Xbox One titles over to the handheld hybrid.

Could Microsoft be bringing Xbox Game Pass to Nintendo Switch?

Nintendo seems to have been testing this type of service already. In Japan, games like Resident Evil 7 and Assassin’s Creed Odyssey have Switch ports┬ávia streaming through a special server. It seems likely this would be how Microsoft gets their content to work also.

This is all still very much in rumor territory, but the idea has some ground to stand on. If true, this could be a huge gamechanger for both Nintendo and Microsoft. Let us know which Xbox One titles you’d like to see on Switch in the comments below.

David Giltinan
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