Microsoft’s Xbox Adaptive Controller used on Nintendo Switch by YouTuber

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Disabled gamers can rejoice! One particular YouTuber, MyMateVince, had you in mind as he put Microsoft’s accessible gaming pad – known as the Xbox Adaptive Controller – to work on Nintendo Switch. With the help of an adapter and a bit of technological know-how, the YouTuber was able to hit the race tracks in Mario Kart 8 Deluxe using the Adaptive Controller. The gaming pad from Microsoft was designed to assist disabled gamers as they enjoy the many wonderful treats the gaming industry brings us year after year.

How do I use this controller?

The Mayflash magic-NS Wireless controller adapter is one that you’ll need to get started with this setup. The Verge did the legwork of highlighting the adapter and providing the link to Amazon’s listing. It’ll cost you about $20. After you’ve taken that step, MyMateVince explains how to calibrate the Xbox controller in a variety of ways such as remapping the buttons. But, if you can get yourself used to a layout that is backwards from the traditional Switch controls you may be able to forgo remapping.

Now granted, nothing is ever perfect when it comes to pairing items that were never necessarily meant to go together. But, MyMateVince did a nice job of bringing you the tools and instructions to make this happen and function to the best of its ability. Be sure to give the video a watch for a step-by-step guide on this process. If you are interested, it sounds like the process will cost you a minimum of $20 (maybe a little more for any of the additional cables that could be required), and 20 minutes of your time to watch the video.

About Microsoft’s Adaptive Controller

For a controller, the price tag is rather high at about $99. However, the varying degrees of functionality more than make up for the price. But as mentioned earlier, the controller is meant to be widely accessible especially for those with disabilities.  Here’s the official description from Microsoft:

“Designed primarily to meet the needs of gamers with limited mobility, the Xbox Adaptive Controller features large programmable buttons and connects to external switches, buttons, mounts, and joysticks to help make gaming more accessible on Xbox One consoles and Windows 10 PCs.”

While the controller can connect to a multitude of other peripherals, keep in mind that those will require separate purchases.

So, there you have it. Do you know a disabled gamer who could get some use out of this on the Nintendo Switch? Or have you already given this product a go yourself? We’d be interested to hear about your experiences in the comments below!

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