Mick McGinty, iconic artist on Street Fighter II and so much more, has died

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It has been a long, long road to photorealism in video games, so for decades, video game marketing depended crucially upon enticing box art and promotional art to sell the fantasy of the game. Likewise, marketing in the East versus the West often emphasized different aspects of that fantasy, so art localization was another critical aspect. Mick McGinty was an integral part of that as an artist, especially in the ’90s, when his iconic art brought whole worlds to life for games such as Street Fighter II, Streets of Rage 2, Streets of Rage 3, Shining Force, and Kid Chameleon, among others. And outside of video games, McGinty was also just a fantastically talented, classically trained fine art painter. But unfortunately, his son, Jobey McGinty, has announced that Mick McGinty has died of cancer.

Jobey McGinty has shared beautiful words about his father Mick, about how he was always pushing himself further with his art and that he passed peacefully. Jobey celebrates his father’s life and the wonderful and continuous effect he has had on others, both with his art and just as a man.

VGDensetsu has provided a useful roundup of some of the iconic video game art Mick McGinty created — a snapshot to help us appreciate all of his dynamic art, from Street Fighter II to Monster Bass.

Anyone who was around to enjoy the video game art of the ’90s knows Mick McGinty, even if they don’t know they knew him, and it’s awful to hear that he has died. But he sure knew how to live, and his influence will prevail.

John Friscia
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