Save space: Special Reserve Games announces an exclusive physical edition of Hotline Miami Collection

Miami Collection

Yesterday, the Hotline Miami Collection launched on the eShop from out of nowhere. Switch gamers the world over got a chance to download the hyper-violent titles. In Australia’s case, not for very long. Regardless, there was no announcement of a physical release for us players who like to save hard drive space. Therefore, Special Reserve Games stepped up to fill that void!

A Hotline Miami Collection for the SD card deficient

Special Reserve Games took to Twitter to make its Hotline Miami Collection declaration:

Yay! Not a lot of information to go on. It’s not even clear if there will be a special cover or a single cart for both games. Still, it’s comforting to see the physical Hotline Miami Collection will begin production soon.

It always brings a smile to my face to see publishers serious about preserving video games in a physical format. While an all-digital future might provide convenience and ease of use, there is no telling what will happen to our gaming library once servers go down. In other words, companies like Special Reserve Games and Limited Run Games are a godsend for those of us who fear the advancement of technology. Above all, they usually create beautiful reversible covers for these downloadable indie games. That’s always a huge incentive for me.

Enthusiasts, are you holding off on downloading the Hotline Miami Collection so you can procure the physical edition? Let us know your plans in the comment field below.

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