The skin I am in: Petrifying Mewtwo Pajamas now available in Japan

Mewtwo Pajamas

The mighty Mewtwo. Maybe you fell in love with the misunderstood Pokémon in the first animated film. Perhaps you took to him when actor Bill Nighy embodied him in Detective Pikachu. Whatever the case, you want to know how it feels to be almost all-powerful. Now, you can sort of taste what that is like, thanks to Japan’s Mewtwo Pajamas.

Official Mewtwo Pajamas meant for cosplay, to be exact!

Here are some photos of these comfy looking monstrosities:

Mewtwo Pajamas

Mewtwo Pajamas

A missed opportunity for the inclusion of Mewtwo’s weird marble/ball hands and feet. Also, his belly makes it look like the wearer has pissed themselves. Still, it’s pretty cool if you can get past the fact your face is Mewtwo’s new mouth.

These official Mewtwo Pajamas can be yours if you live in Japan and have 5940 yen to spare (about $56.50). Please note the website that offers these clothes is currently not working. If anyone wants to bring me a pair, feel free. I’ll make sure to put the tail to good use in a real-life Smash Bros. tournament.

Fellow consumers of all Pokémon merch, are you interested in purchasing the Mewtwo Pajamas? If so, tell us the exact reason why in the comment section down below.

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