Reggie Fils-Aimé hints at Metroid Prime 4 release window

Reggie “Ready Bod” Fils-Aimé, current president of the Nintendo of America branch, recently talked with Mashable. In this discussion, he talked about a few intriguing details about Smash and Metroid. We found out, for example, that Reggie mains the awkward but loveable Ridley in Smash Bros Ultimate. Reggie also said that Nintendo usually intentionally announces products between 6 months and a year before release. Although the company has not yet announced a Metroid Prime 4 release date, it is far enough into development that they can estimate one internally.

Unfortunately, Reggie didn’t say what their estimated release window was, and that’s lame. But, I don’t think he talked about both Ridley and Prime 4 in one interview unintentionally. It’s likely that they’ll be announcing a release date relatively soon.  The Game Awards 2018 is happening next month, maybe we’ll get a release date then?

Reggie Fils-Aime Metroid Prime 4 Nintendo

Why another Metroid Prime is needed

Metroid fans are endlessly clamoring for more games. Whether it’s on handheld, console, heck even a browser game would hold them for a while.

They’ve had it rough in recent years with lukewarm games. Titles such as Metroid: Other M and the fun but completely misguided Federation Force. Luckily Samus Returns was a good palette cleanser. Finally, during Nintendo’s E3 Direct 2017 we got our first glimpse of a mainline title, Metroid Prime 4.

Granted it’s probably one of the more lackluster reveals I’ve ever seen. Essentially equating to Nintendo showing the logo and saying “It’s coming”. But still, another Metroid Prime!


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