Metroid Prime 4 is looking to add a boss / AI designer at Retro Studios

Retro Studios hiring Metroid Prime 4 lead producer lead graphics engineer lead animator boss ai designer

Yes, we’ll acknowledge this up front: Metroid Prime 4 is literally the only video game that gets ongoing coverage of hires related to its development, but it’s because people are just so deeply curious about its development and the rabbit that developer Retro Studios will pull out of its hat. This time around, Retro Studios has projected on social media that it is seeking a boss / AI designer specifically for Metroid Prime 4. Whoever gets this gig will have a lot to live up to, considering the pedigree of bosses in the franchise.

The Retro Studios job openings used to list when each job was posted to the website. Amusingly, that piece of information is no longer displayed — likely because news outlets (us included) have pointed out in the past how long it is taking to fill some positions, including for some especially important roles on Metroid Prime 4.

Nonetheless, the Metroid Prime 4 team has at this point garnered a wide variety of high-profile talent from various AAA developers, to the point that Retro Studios is starting to feel like a “super group” of development power. This includes people who worked on Grand Theft Auto, Warhawk, Call of Duty, Borderlands, and Battlefield, among others. If you just happen to be a killer boss / AI designer, maybe you can join them on Metroid Prime 4.


John Friscia
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