Metroid Prime 4 developer Retro Studios adds GTA producer to team

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Metroid Prime 4 could very well still be a long way away since Retro Studios essentially had to take over and restart development from scratch at some point early on in 2019, and because COVID-19 has quite possibly hampered a ton of progress on the game in the months since. As such, most of our information on the game comes from little hiring tidbits we can pick up from the company’s actions – such as the firm’s most recent hire, Marisa Palumbo, who spent six years on Blizzard’s Overwatch team and almost a decade at Rockstar Games. Palumbo has an impressive list of producer credits from their time at Rockstar, including Grand Theft Auto IV and VMax Payne 3Red Dead RedemptionManhunt 2, and LA Noire.

Retro Studios has been on a consistent hiring spree for Metroid Prime 4, picking up industry veterans with experience in a wide variety of AAA series from God of War to HaloHere, Palumbo is filling a lead producer role that Retro Studios had been advertising for about two months. She’ll hopefully be able to provide Metroid Prime 4 with some critical direction as the studio toils away to build a game that Nintendo and its fans can get behind.


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