Metroid Prime 2 Samus statue unboxed by First 4 Figures looks incredible

Metroid Prime 2 Samus Statue Varia Suit First 4 Figures unboxing unboxed

First 4 Figures continues to deliver high-end gaming statues, including a suite of Nintendo options. Today, the company has shared an unboxing video of a final production sample of a Metroid Prime 2 Varia Suit Samus statue. This things looks absolutely glorious and stands at over 20 inches tall.

The attention to detail, as per usual, is stunning too. We particularly love the base, adorned with the iconic Metroid Samus logo. The base looks pretty substantial as well, and it’ll have to be, considering the statue is made from resin.

First 4 Figures is producing an even more premium version of the statue too. An extra $45 will net you the same statue but with LEDs scattered around the Samus figure. They’re placed to bring the character to life, making her look just like her in-game counterpart. This version is further detailed in the unboxing video.

One weird thing to note is that the standard statue may become the harder one to find. According to the First 4 Figures website listings, the standard Samus statue is limited to 800 units worldwide. The more expensive LED model, on the other hand, will get 2100 manufactured. We assume this is to meet projected demand, but it’s strange nonetheless.

The Metroid Prime 2 Varia Suit Samus statue costs $444.99, and the exclusive LED edition will set you back $489.99. How good will this look next to the company’s Zelda and Mario range?


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