Metroid Dread speedrun tricks: How to skip the first EMMI

Metroid Dread speedrun emmi skip

Metroid Dread has been out on Nintendo Switch for nearly a week, so naturally, a myriad of speedrun tricks have been discovered already. The game was intentionally designed with a lot of tricks in mind, but some of the exploits that have surfaced were likely not intended. This is one of those tricks. With a little fancy sliding, jumping, and shooting, it’s possible to skip the first EMMI encounter entirely, saving quite a bit of time. Here’s how you pull it off.

Metroid Dread EMMI skip

When the game starts, you’ll move to the right, and up, until you reach this area. Those little red squiggly lines in the wall mark an explosive that can be shot to cause a cave-in. However, you can only shoot them from the other side. Normally you’d slide through the gap and end up trapped on the other side, forcing you to go onward to the EMMI encounter. We don’t want to do that, so we’re going to make use of an exploit that allows your beam to shoot through walls without the Wave Beam upgrade.

Step one

If you slide, jump out of that slide, and then shoot, your beam can sometimes clip through the wall. It takes some practice, but it’s certainly not frame-perfect, so you can get it consistently with a few tries. You need a total of four shots to clip through the wall, hitting the explosive. For the first three, you want your jump to happen underneath the rocky overhang, which should look like this.

Step two

Make sure you stop this method after three shots. If you land the fourth shot while underneath the rocks, they’ll crush you to death instantly. To finish the EMMI skip, we need to reposition ourselves for the fourth and final shot. Step back a few paces, then slide and jump so that you’re hitting the left side of the rocks instead. Right as you make contact with the wall, you need to shoot while aiming every so slightly downward. Samus should appear to get stuck against the wall for just a split second, which should let you know if you’re on the right track. If the angle and timing is just right, the shot will go through, and the rocks will collapse without killing you.

And that’s it! It’s the first significant time-saving skip in the Metroid Dread speedrun, which is of course, in its infancy. The encounter with the first EMMI takes around a minute, so if you can get this skip down with consistency, it’s a major time saver. Given that this is not one of the developer-intended tricks (as far as we know), it’s possible that it will be patched out in the future. In the meantime, have at it! There are also other places in the game where you perform similar tricks, though the setup will vary by environment.

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