Metroid Dread speedrun guide: How to skip the Drogyga boss fight

Metroid Dread speedrun guide Drogyga boss skip

Metroid Dread launched on Switch two weeks ago, and in that short time, speedrunners have uncovered all kinds of time-saving tricks. One popular exploit is known as Pseudo-Wave, as it lets you shoot through walls before collecting Wave Beam. We’ve previously covered how Pseudo-Wave can be used to skip the first EMMI encounter, but it has many more uses. Today’s Metroid Dread speedrun guide will teach you how to use it to skip the Drogyga boss fight.

How to skip the Drogyga boss fight

This Metroid Dread speedrun guide picks up after you’ve met Quiet Robe and received the big lore dump in Ferenia. Do whatever you want before that point, although you may find our early Grapple and Bombs guide helpful. Quiet Robe will point out a spot on the Burenia map where the room has been shifted to allow you to progress. Take the elevator above Quiet Robe’s room to get back to Dairon, then make your way down and leftward through Dairon to the top tram to Burenia. Proceed up through Burenia, until you reach the point marked on the map above.

Normally, you would proceed left here, following a path that takes you to Drogyga. Instead, we’re going to hop up on the platform by the recharge station and blast that exploding wall tumor from the wrong side. There are a few different setups you can use to pull this off, but I’ll be sticking with the one that works consistently for me.

Start by standing on the left side of the recharge station and facing the wall on your left. Slide into the wall, and just as you make contact, quickly flick the joystick to the right and back to the left, shooting on the left input. It’s a bit tricky to get the timing down, but once you get a feel for it, you should be shooting through the wall with ease. Hitting the explosive is a tad trickier, but can be done quickly with practice. You want to make sure that when you shoot, you’re aiming slightly downward on the left input. Using charged shots is also helpful, as it gives you a bigger blast that destroys the explosive more quickly.

And that’s pretty much it! Once you’ve blown up the wall, you can proceed upward and take the elevator to Ghavoran.  It might take you a while to get the hang of it, but it’s a relatively easy time-saver. If you skip the Drogyga boss fight, you save around two minutes, so even if it takes you a while to get the trick, you can still save a lot of time.

Metroid Dread speedrun guides

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