Metroid Dread Report volume 2 reveals how you defeat E.M.M.I. bots

metroid dread report

Metroid Dread is just over three months away, and the excitement is building! Nintendo is slowly teasing out new details via the Metroid Dread Report on the official website, and today we got a new volume. Additionally, Nintendo put out a short new trailer that shows Samus wielding a new weapon. Most of the Report (which is currently only available in Japanese) was old info, but we did get one big new detail. We know how to defeat the E.M.M.I. bots. Check out the new footage and info below!

Update: The latest blog is now available in English as well.

Metroid Dread Report: Fighting E.M.M.I.

If you watched the Nintendo Treehouse footage after E3, you may have seen Samus use a weapon called the Omega Cannon. This powerful upgrade was acquired from a Central Unit, and it disappeared after a couple of shots. The Treehouse team used it to destroy an E.M.M.I., but that bot was already heavily damaged, missing most of its armor. The latest Metroid Dread Report fills in the missing details.

It seems the Omega Cannon you acquire from a Central Unit actually comes with two weapons. The Omega Blater is charged up for one big blast, while the Omega Stream is rapid-fire and looks like a Gatling gun. You can use the Omega Stream to strip away the outer armor of an E.M.M.I., exposing its vulnerable core. Then, the Omega Blaster finishes the job. As the Metroid Dread report explains, you cannot move while firing either of these weapons. Additionally, the camera rotates, so you’ll have to stare your enemy down head-on.


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