Metroid Dread producer hopes the game inspires more indie Metroidvanias

metroid dread indie metroidvania

After the release of Fusion on GBA, Nintendo went nearly two decades without making an all-new 2D Metroid. The franchise’s long absence made it clear that there was a hunger for games in that style, and many indie developers rose up to fill that void. Games like Axiom Verge and Hollow Knight have been dubbed Metroidvanias, and they’re taking the classic formula in exciting new directions. Now, with Metroid Dread out in the wild, Nintendo is hopeful that it will spark even more indie Metroidvanias.

Metroid Dread producer talks indie Metroidvanias

In a recent interview with Famitsu (translated by Jarop for Nintendo Everything), series producer Yoshio Sakamoto discussed the evolution of Metroid’s formula into a whole genre:

Famitsu: Metroid-like action exploration is becoming increasingly popular, especially in the indie game scene. How do you feel about the trend?

Sakamoto: It’s both interesting and an honor to think that a game we created 35 years ago is now being considered a genre, with so many different takes and interpretations. The genre will continue to remain popular if there’s still potential left in it, potential we want to show off. I hope that Metroid Dread will be a source of inspiration for indie game creators.

I think the biggest key to what Sakamoto says here is just how many different takes we’ve seen. If every indie Metroidvania simply copied the classic Super Metroid formula, things would get stale pretty quickly. I’d love to see Metroid Dread inspire more indie creators, not to copy, but to innovate and iterate. As we’ve previously explored, Dread and Hollow Knight are both inspired by Super Metroid, but they’re at their best when they shake up the formula. I hope to see this genre continue to evolve in new directions for many years to come!


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