Metroid Dread: How to get Grapple and Bombs early + Kraid quick kill

kraid quick kill early grapple bombs dread

The world of Metroid Dread can feel somewhat linear on a first playthrough, but developer MercurySteam has filled it with secret routes. With enough skill, players can collect key items out of the normal order, opening up the map to greater exploration. One such sequence break allows you to get the Grapple Beam and Morph Ball Bombs earlier than normal. With early Bombs, it’s then possible to execute a secret Kraid quick kill that comes with its own unique (and gross) interactive cutscene.

This alternate route starts after collecting the Varia Suit, so you don’t need to worry about doing anything out of the ordinary prior to that. Proceed through the game as normal, collecting the Charge Beam, Wide Beam, and Morph Ball along the way. Once you have Varia, head back down through the heated areas and take the red teleportal, and you’ll arrive in Cataris, at the point pictured above. Kraid’s lair is below you, but if you want to do the quick kill, you need to do some optional backtracking and exploring first.

Early Grapple Beam

metroid dread kraid quick kill early grapple bombs

Make your way up and to the right, through the EMMI zone and to the top of Cataris, then take the train to Dairon. Once you reach Dairon, head down and to the left until you reach what looks like a dead end. There should be an inaccessible purple teleportal to your left. Shoot out the floor here, and you can fall down another level. Then head right into the heated rooms.

Make your way through the heated area until you reach the room with an Energy Tank Part suspended on a platform over lava. To the right, you can once again shoot out the floor to reveal a secret passage. Blast the explosive in the wall, then open the door and proceed into the lava-filled room to the right. This is where things get tricky, and it’s easy to die. If you want to be safe, you can head a few rooms over to the left and save at a Map Room.

In order to proceed through this room, you’ll need to make two tough sliding jumps over lava. Slide right through the gap, then jump at the end of your slide, holding left so that you’ll spin jump back towards the wall. Press jump again when you make contact with the wall to kick off it to the right, pulling yourself up into the long ceiling tunnel. Here’s how it looks in motion:

Roll along to the right, and then it’s time for the second jump. This time, you’ll want to hold right through the slide, then jump at the last second in order to get enough momentum. If you time it properly, you should grab onto the ledge to the right and pull yourself up. If you miss, it’s possible to get back onto the platform on the left and try again. But if you fall all the way down to the lava, you’re toast. Here’s how the jump looks in motion:

Once you’re on the other side, simply follow the path laid out for you. You’ll head through the door and into an elevator to Artaria, and on the other side, you’ll find Grapple Beam! Turn around and head back up the elevator and through the lava room (taking the top route with Grapple) and we’re on our way to Bombs.

Early Morph Ball Bombs

metroid dread kraid quick kill early bombs grapple

With Grapple in hand, head to the left through that Map Room I mentioned earlier. Then make your way up and to the left, through the EMMI room. Exit the EMMI room through the top left (pictured on the map above), and you’ll be in a dark room where your path is blocked by a Grapple block. Destroy it with your new toy, and push on ahead through the dark rooms until you reach the device that turns the power back on.

With the power back on, you’ll be able to go to the right, up, and to the right again, where you’ll reach a door with a missile shield. Blast the shield, open the door, and early Bombs await you on the other side! With early Grapple and Bombs in hand, the map should now open up to you quite a bit, so feel free to explore! But if you’re ready to fight Kraid, head all the way to the right to take the train back to Cataris, then head down and to the left until you’re back to the location in the first image of this article. Kraid’s lair is below you.

Metroid Dread Kraid Quick Kill

Proceed through the first stage of the Kraid fight like normal, blasting him in the mouth with missiles and dodging or shooting his projectiles. Once phase two starts, you’ll be face to face with his gross belly button. Instead of shooting, roll into a Morph Ball and bomb the wall to your left. This will reveal a Morph Ball launcher that you can roll into. Do so, and it’ll blast you right into Kraid’s belly button, allowing you to bomb his goopy guts from inside.

Optimal time strats

As exciting as it is to get the early Bombs and blow up Kraid from the inside, it’s probably not the optimal strat for speedrunning. Routing is still being figured out and will continue to evolve, but currently, speedrunners are not grabbing the bombs before Kraid. This is because you can find a teleportal a few rooms after the Kraid fight, and it takes you to a room just up and to the left of where we did those tricky jumps over lava.

So if you want the fastest route, head straight to the Kraid fight after getting Varia suit. Fight Kraid normally, and then proceed through the teleportal (picking up Diffusion Beam along the way) to the lava room for the early Grapple Beam skip. From there, you can progress on to get early Morph Ball Bombs as well. The time saved by not taking the long backtrack route to Dairon is greater than the time saved with the quick kill. That’s it for this guide, but you can also check out our guide on skipping the first EMMI encounter entirely.

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